Changes to Profectus Leadership effective 1 October 2020

Changes to Profectus Leadership effective 1 October 2020

Profectus Group is pleased to share exciting updates to our Company leadership as we continue to grow and share our world class technology.

  1. Mike Giuffrida, Founder and former CEO of Acendre will join the Board as a Non-Executive Director. Mike brings tremendous experience in international expansion and scale up, and joins Non-Executive Chairman James Groom, and Non-Executive Director Simon Martin.
  2. The creation of a new role – Chief Product Officer. Profectus Founder and CEO Robert Visentini has been appointed Profectus CPO. Robert will retire as Profectus Group CEO at the end of September 2020. He is extremely excited about taking on the CPO role!
  3. Profectus COO Chris Hutchins has been selected and appointed Profectus CEO as of 1 October 2020. Founder and CEO Robert Visentini is delighted with this outcome and provides Chris with his full confidence and support. As CEO Chris has also been appointed to the new Profectus Board.

The changes announced today are the largest in our Company’s history. As the Founder and CEO of Profectus for 19 years Robert Visentini shares the following observations –

Today we have taken a leap forward on our journey by continuing to strengthen our strategic infrastructure. I am tremendously excited to be taking on the role of Chief Product Officer (CPO), and to be handing over the CEO reigns to our current COO Chris Hutchins. Chris has been with us for about a year and I am 100% supportive of Chris’ appointment as CEO, he has my full confidence.

The changes outlined to the Profectus Board see Mike Giuffrida joining our team. Mike is a co-founder and former CEO of Human Resources Technology Company Acendre, now based in the USA. Together with Chairman James Groom and Non-Executive Director Simon Martin, we now have a majority independent/non-executive governance structure in place to guide and help us maximise our opportunities. As CEO Chris Hutchins has also been appointed to the new Profectus Board. This design is best practice and I trust and am extremely confident in our Board moving forward.

As I retire as CEO of Profectus and take up the position of Chief Product Officer I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved to date, of our team, our client portfolio and of the opportunities ahead for Profectus. Thank you for your support, and for our terrific journey so far. This is another chapter – our third decade, which I enter more excited than any before.”


Incoming CEO Chris Hutchins –

“I am humbled and honoured to have been selected as Profectus new CEO, and I’d like to thank the Board of Directors for their confidence and support. Today we mark a major milestone in Profectus’ journey and I am super excited by the opportunities that lie ahead. We have achieved a lot together over the last 19 years, and substantial progress has been made in the last 12-18 months. I look forward to continuing our journey growing our world class technology, and becoming known as a world class Company and thank our team, shareholders, and Board for this great opportunity.”