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Spend Analytics

Our spend analytics services provide you with greater visibility as to where your budget is spent. We provide detailed cost and contract data across suppliers to assist you in optimising spend. These services include:

  • Detailed item-level data collection

  • Data cleansing

  • Data classification (UNSPSC and client classification)

  • Maintenance of data classification

Analytics &

Profectus Group: Spend Optimisation and Business Process Outsourcing

Take your financial security and efficiency to the next level. Gain valuable insights into how to reduce your spend and negotiate better rates with your suppliers, or outsource routine Business Process tasks such as AP reconciliation, ERP support, procurement system management and analytics for maximum efficiency.

Spend Analytics

Spend Insights

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Unlock the hidden potential within your supplier spend patterns to empower your business to seize new revenue opportunities. With our cutting-edge analytics and meticulous data-driven approach, we reveal insights to reduce spend and negotiate better deals. These services include:

  • Cross-supplier analysis

  • Seasonal pricing and promotional recommendations

  • Out-of-contract spend analysis

Spend Insights

Business Process Outsourcing

The following list is indicative of the range of BPO services that we provide to clients. If you would like assistance in managing a process that isn't listed below or would like additional information as to the extent of services that we can provide, please reach out to our friendly team.


Profectus can support your accounts teams to reconcile invoices against purchase orders/goods received, help process invoices for payment and more.


Profectus has extensive experience with a wide range of ERP systems, from SAP to Oracle and everything in between. We can provide admin support to update ERP records, assist with ERP migration, or help to remove duplicated vendor accounts, as well as many other manual ERP-related tasks.


Profectus can assist your internal terms as well as your suppliers with managing procurement systems – from email support management, replying to questions, loading invoices or agreements, etc. 


Our industry-expert analysts can help you perform any analytics tasks with ease. This could include analysing and comparing rebate terms across vendors and supporting re-negotiations for improved terms, reviewing historical spend and supplier income amounts to identify the best suppliers for your changing market conditions, or reviewing proposed CPI increases from your suppliers and providing support for negotiations.


We specialise in post-implementation assistance for your P2P platform, focusing on streamlining supplier contract & invoice checks, ensuring compliance in your P2P ecosystem. Our tailored services encompass supplier setup, onboarding, as well as invoice and contract compliance management. Our dedicated team is committed to optimising your P2P platform for maximum efficiency and accuracy.

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We help with  supplier onboarding including:

• Supplier activation & deactivation

• Setup & maintain supplier company information

• Supplier catalogue setup

We can help:

• Digitalise and process supplier invoices

• Manage contract and invoice discrepancies

• Handle supplier enquiries and rebate rejections

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