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Our data shows that retailers are under-claiming 1 in every 50 deals negotiated. 


A lack of automation in the trade promotion management and spend results in millions of dollars in lost revenue every year. 

We're here to ensure every dollar missed is recovered.

Retail | Profectus Group: Audit, Compliance and Rebate Deal Management

We're retail recovery experts

Led by an industry-leading team with decades of retail expertise, we scrutinise every dollar of supplier income in your ecosystem to identify any missed or underclaimed revenue. We do all the heavy lifting for our customers and recoup funds directly from suppliers.

With our zero-risk payment model, you only pay us a percentage of the missed income that we recover.

We don’t consume budget, we create it! 

Our key areas of supplier income analysis include:



Rebate and Supplier Terms Audits

Rebate Supplier Terms Audit | Profectus Group: Audit, Compliance and Rebate Deal Management

Large organisations deal with a significant volume of purchasing and supplier income related transactions.

Transactional due diligence is typically performed at varying degrees of depth across an organisation however systemic, process or human driven financial errors can occur in a variety of places. A typical example may include a threshold driven annual rebate term on a supplier contract that is incorrectly not recouped at EOFY. 

A Rebate and Supplier Terms Audit will highlight these errors and so you can not only recover the associated revenue but put measures in place to avoid them in the future.

Promotional Scans and Trade Income Audits

If you're a large retailer, you'll deal with a significant volume of supplier funded promotional deals per annum that can be extremely difficult to track and monitor from inception to income reconciliation.

Once again, the chances of systemic, process or human driven financial errors occurring in a variety of places is very high. For instance, a 50 product promotion could be activated in store, but human error could cause only 45 to be claimed on the promotional funding form, generating a shortfall in collected funding.

Our Promotional Scans and Trade Income Audits will ensure no claims slip under the radar.

Promotional Scans and Trade Income Audit | Profectus

Product Label Pricing Audits

Product Label Pricing Audit Profectus

When you're purchasing hundreds of thousands of products each year, it's no wonder that attempting to track and reconcile product level pricing, particularly in short term price cuts, can be challenging and leads to under or overcharging errors.

For example, you may have negotiated a cost price reduction on an entire supplier range of 100 products but the assistant inputting the change file into your system manually may miss input one of the prices by even a few cents. Although this may seem like a small error, image how this could lead to a significant financial discrepancy vs expectation over time. 

Our Product Label Pricing Audits allow you to automatically submit highly complex rebate and deal claims directly to suppliers while complying with all internal accounting processes. You can also collaborate in real-time with suppliers through document co-authoring, compliance, and version control capabilities. 

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