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Why Profectus It?

Managing source-to-pay processes and preventing payment errors are critical challenges faced by directors and executives in finance and operations departments across every industry.

Here's 5 reasons why you can trust us to streamline your S2P processes, eliminate overpayments, and unlock unparalleled cost-saving opportunities.

Profectus Group: Streamline AP and S2P processes, eliminate overpayments and unlock unparalleled cost savings.
Profectus Group: Specialist financial error prevention knowledge


We have the specialist knowledge & software to find the errors your ERP & S2P can't

When it comes to ensuring every dollar you spend with your suppliers is correct and avoiding financial erosion, many organisations fall into the trap of believing that their ERPs and procurement solutions are sufficient to do the job. While these software solutions are critical to running a business, just like a GP is considered a generalist in the medical field, these solutions are regarded as generalists in the software world.


Our 20+ years of industry experience ensures we have the specialist knowledge and cutting-edge source-to-pay automation technology to eliminate payment errors and improve your financial accuracy. 


We know the devil is in the details

When it comes to identifying overpayments and recovering lost revenue, we know it only takes the smallest error (like an additional service charge or a 5 cent error on a promotional scan claim), multiplied across hundreds of thousands of invoices and charges, to quickly snowball into million of dollars in lost revenue.

That's why we adopt a bottom-up audit approach with granular data interrogation of every line item and every transaction; an approach that has time and time again paid dividends for our clients and returned far greater revenue than our competitors.

Profectus Group: Devil is in the Details
Profectus Group: No recovery, no fee audit


No recovery, no fee, audit model

With our zero-risk audit model, you only pay based on what we recover for all of our audit and recovery services.


This means that not only are you guaranteed that your investment will be worthwhile, but also that our work will pay for itself - not just eat further into your budget. 


Save time and eliminate     
manual processes

Let's face it, identifying overpayments or discrepancies within your source-to-pay process requires a lot of manual labour and time, which is why many errors are simply overlooked. By automating time-consuming manual tasks (like statement recs) and leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, our accounts payable compliance technology, Xelix, efficiently detects errors in real-time and fully automates the process of reconciling supplier statements so your team's valuable time can be put to better use.

Profectus Group: Eliminate manual accounts payable processes
Profectus Group: Eliminate payment errors


Fix payment errors before you pay your invoice, not after

Ever heard the saying 'prevention is better than cure?' Our advanced compliance solutions accurately detect overcharges and contract discrepancies in real-time, allowing you to proactively address financial leakages before your pay run. This guarantees that you're not losing revenue and significantly reduces your financial risk.

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