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Audit & Recovery Services

Want to ensure every single dollar you spend with your suppliers is correct? 

Our specialist team of analysts will take a meticulous, line-item-by-line-item look at what you're being charged by your suppliers to find any overpayments or hidden errors that your ERP and S2P systems have failed to detect.


We then go one step further and work collaboratively with your suppliers to recover any lost funds on your behalf. Best of all, this zero-risk revenue recovery service is guaranteed. No recovery = No fee. 

Profectus Group: Overcharge Detection and Income Recovery Services

Accounts payable audits

Accounts Payable Audits | Profectus Group: Audit, Compliance and Rebate Deal Management


Are you a company that makes thousands of payments to hundreds of different suppliers? Our audits rectify payment errors, and duplicate payments including cross-entities.


Our GST Analysis identifies where you may have incorrectly calculated or processed GST at the invoice level.


Our team takes care of the tedious tasks by thoroughly examining your supplier statements to detect any missed credits. We handle the collection and comparison of all supplier statements every month to guarantee accurate processing of credit notes from suppliers.

Accounts Payable Audits
Merchandise Audits

Merchandise audits

We specialise in supplier rebate audits and missed revenue opportunities for our retail clients.


Our clients continually grapple with a staggering volume of complex supplier terms and rebate agreements. With our game-changing Contract Rebates & Terms Audits, we not only unearth overlooked revenue but also help you streamline your operations to mitigate any future revenue losses.


If you're a large retailer, you'll deal with a significant volume of supplier-funded promotional deals per annum that can be extremely difficult to track and monitor from inception to income reconciliation. As a result, the chances of systemic, process or human-driven financial errors occurring in a variety of places are very high. Every week, we identify hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed promotional revenue for our clients.​

Our Promotional Scan Audits ensure no claims slip under the radar.


Tracking and reconciling product-level pricing is a challenge when purchasing hundreds of thousands of products. Our Pricing Audits identify overcharges across all products in your supply chain. We continually go beyond the standard 3-way matching process present in most ERPs and cross-match against additional data sets, such as emails and pricing sheets.


Typically focused on marketing funds or in-store display incentives, we data-mine millions of emails each day to identify missed or underclaimed allowances. 

Product Label Pricing Audit Profectus

Invoice & contract compliance audits

Our contract and invoice compliance audit solutions take control of your different data sources, supplier agreements and rate cards for complex contracts (contract labour, travel expenditure, freight & logistics, cleaning, etc) to uncover errors, duplicates and overpayments. We'll also recover any lost funds we find during the process.

We offer two main types of contract and invoice compliance audits:


Audit the amount charged by the supplier against rate cards and complex contracts


Audit the work that is actually being conducted

Contract compliance audits | Profectus Group: Audit, Compliance and Rebate Deal Management
Invoice & Contract Compliance

Why choose Profectus as your profit protection and recovery partner?

We do all the work. We don't just find errors in your favour, we recover the funds on your behalf too.

No Recovery, No Fee. With our zero-risk audit model, you only pay based on what we recover, making our audit services completely risk-free.

Our own industry-leading audit technology recovers up to 35% more than a traditional recovery audit.

Line-item data interrogation. We know that when it comes to finding lost revenue, the devil is in the detail. That's why we look at every single transaction and every invoice line item.

We take data integrity and security seriously. We keep your data under lock + key, restricting access only to the people who need it at each relevant stage of the process. It’s also encrypted at rest, and monitored around the clock with industry recognised SIEM monitoring tools.

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