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How we help

We're passionate about ensuring that every dollar you spend with your suppliers is correct, preventing hidden errors and overcharges from affecting your bottom line.


Just as you wouldn’t operate a business without cyber protection or liability insurance, Profectus provides the essential protection required to achieve financial excellence and maximise the value of your hard-earned profits.

Profectus Group: Level up your Profit Protection

Choose your level of profit protection

Our expert audit and recovery services, pre-payment error detection technology and data optimisation insights provide the additional protection your business needs to identify supplier overcharges, eliminate payment errors and protect profits.

Profectus Group: Optimise
Profectus Group: Recoup
Profectus Group: Level up your Profit Protection

Our expert profit protection team meticulously examines your line-item data to identify revenue opportunities and mitigate risks in your S2P processes.

Our cutting-edge solutions accurately detect errors in real-time, allowing you to proactively prevent financial leakages.

Gain valuable insights into how you can reduce spend and re-negotiate better rates and terms with your suppliers.

Profectus Group: Automate

Think your ERP and Source-to-Pay (S2P) solutions are sufficient to catch payment errors and supplier overcharges? While they offer some built-in preventions like duplicate payments, they're far from foolproof, failing to detect common pitfalls such as typos, user fatigue, and distractions.

Choose Protection

How does each level compare?

End-to-end source-to-pay process visibility and reporting

High level data capture

Header-level analysis (E.g. validating invoices or contracts)

Low-level data capture

Line-item analysis (E.g., validating individual services or products against contracted rate cards)

Cross-references multiple data sources (i.e. emails, rate cards)

Recovers lost funds from supplier overcharges and payment errors

Recovers missed income from suppliers

Automate source-to-pay validation processes

Real-time error detection

Proactively prevent overcharges and recoveries

Line-item data reporting and analytics

Spend optimisation recommendations

Data source

Pricing Model


Real-time AP data

Annual Subscription


Historical payments

No Recovery,

No Fee


Real-time Data feeds




Previous audits + compliance software



Learn more about the Profectus difference...

Our Putting the 'Special' in Specialist white paper explains why, when it comes to guaranteeing the financial health of your organisation, specialist industry knowledge and purpose-built software solutions are essential.

Profectus Group: Special in specialist Report

Time to level up?

Ready to streamline your source-to-pay (S2P) processes, eliminate payment errors, and unlock unparalleled revenue opportunities? Schedule a free, no-obligation consult today to discover how we can help you level up your profit protection.

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