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Automated Invoice Processing

Tired of the inefficiency of manual and isolated processes?

We're here to automate and cross-check all your supplier invoices - not just the PO-based ones with simple contract terms, but also those with out-of-contract spend, intricate contract terms and complex rate cards.

Trusted by top Australian banks and New Zealand partners, Profectus has already empowered industry leaders with effortless invoice processing. Unleash the power of Profectus with effortless invoice processing.

Automated Invoice Processing

Comprehensive Invoice Handling

We take care of:

  • Standard supplier invoices (including recurring) - usually accompanied by POs from disparate systems, in various data formats

  • Complex invoices - usually carrying additional charges from complex contract terms and rate cards

  • Non-standard, out-of-contract invoices

And the best part? We handle them all seamlessly with our cutting-edge AI-powered automation technology. Eliminate laborious manual efforts for both your end users and AP professionals - empower them with actionable insights to continuously optimise operations.

Experience the Profectus difference – where automation meets precision, efficiency, and continuous improvement. Say farewell to manual drudgery and embark on the journey to a streamlined, cost-effective future.


Reach out to us today, and let's transform your invoice processing effortlessly.

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Invoice Ingestion, No Exceptions

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Whether it's a PO, non-PO, direct purchase, paper, or out-of-contract invoices, we've got it all covered.

We seamlessly automate the handling of invoices in all formats, from EDI, XML, PDF - even paper and email.

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Machine Leading-Powered Transaction Coding

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Our AP Automation isn't just predefined coding templates. We leverage Machine Learning (ML) to revolutionise your business processes. This guarantees precise invoice processing for supplier payments, granting greater control to your AP teams and elevating your data quality.

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Flexible Matching, Beyond Conventions

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Break free from the confines of 3-way matching!

You have the freedom to utilize any combination of invoice data, POs, external POs, goods receipts, quality checks, contracts, and more at both the line and header levels for straight-through processing. Even when information is elusive, our recognition methods step in to calculate the optimal matching scenario.

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Exception Handing, Enhanced Automation

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While perfection is the goal, we acknowledge that there may be a handful of invoice exceptions. However, we don't view them as setbacks but as stepping stones to further enhance your automation rate, one improvement at a time.

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