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(prōfectūs)     verb

Ensure every single dollar you spend with your suppliers is correct

Synonyms: business success, profit protection 

Antonyms: financial leakage, risky business

Profectus Group: Profit Protection Professionals

The audit and compliance experts

Compliance and recovery each have been described as many things: necessary, vital, arduous, a headache, the root canal of finance. A slog. But never fun. If it were fun, there’d be no need for the likes of us. But to us, compliance is fun. If done the way we believe it can be done, led by experts with deep industry know-how and with an underlying technology which does all the heavy lifting, compliance and recovery can empower those charged with their undertakings to get the fun back into their lives.

Ever heard of the phrase ‘money can’t buy happiness’? Clearly, they’ve never heard of a jet-ski. Well, people who said compliance and recovery can’t be fun have never heard of Profectus. And we’re changing that as we speak.

With decades of experience working with ASX100 companies, large NZ organisations and global organisations across retail, banking, mining, FMCG, manufacturing and more, we’re the Profit Protection Professionals!

Chris Hutchins


about us

Our locations

Australia | Profectus Group: Audit, Compliance and Rebate Deal Management


Suite 4, Level 45

360 Elizabeth Street 
Victoria 3000

+61 (3) 9009 8500

New Zealand | Profectus Group: Audit, Compliance and Rebate Deal Management


 Level 2

96 Saint Georges Bay Road


Auckland 1052

+64 (9) 215 3479 

Vietnam | Profectus Group: Audit, Compliance and Rebate Deal Management


Level 2

Dinh Le Building
1 Dinh Le Street

Ward 13, District 4

HCMC, Vietnam

+84 (28) 7107 8108 

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