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Our audit services | Profectus Group: Audit, Compliance and Rebate Deal Management

Without automation and compliance, errors are inevitable. Whether it’s momentary attention loss, fatigue, or typos, they might seem insignificant, but they all add up and can have a huge impact on revenue. 

Our Audit services help recover losses caused by these errors and highlight opportunities to improve compliance to mitigate future risk. And the best part? You only pay us a percentage of what we recover, and all we need from you is a simple data export.  

Audit | Profectus Group: Audit, Compliance and Rebate Deal Management

Your complete Accounts Payable & Compliance Audit partner

We do all the work. We don't just identify the errors, we recover the funds too.

Our services require low input from you so you can focus on more critical tasks.

Transactional level control. We look at every single transaction.

We have our own industry-leading audit technology, which recovers up to 35% more than a traditional recovery audit.

ERPs don't protect you from invoice and payment errors. We work with your existing ERP platforms to reduce financial leakage.

P2P Risk and Error Types

A global McKinsey study on automating source-to-pay processes found that organisations can reduce spend by 2.5%, identifying the key causes of overspend:

  • 2% lack of compliance

  • 0.5% lack of control

Procure to Pay Process | Profectus Group

Accounts payable audits

Accounts Payable Audits | Profectus Group: Audit, Compliance and Rebate Deal Management


Are you a company that makes thousands of payments to hundreds of different suppliers? A duplicate payments audit identifies payment errors, duplicate payments and cross entity duplicate payments.


On average, one in 1,000 invoices is paid incorrectly. Aside from double payments, we identify other types of supplier overpayments, including credit notes that haven't been logged, or that are entered as invoices, and data entry mistakes on invoice amounts.


Our GST Analysis identifies where you may have incorrectly calculated or processed GST, any irregular and complex transitions that have been incorrectly processed, set-up errors in GST control accounts that lead to overstated outputs or understated inputs and incorrectly processed manual transactions.


We'll review your supplier statements to identify any credits that have been overlooked.

What the big 4 do

  • Top-down audit approach with random sampling  

  • Tick and flick / rubber stamping 

  • Balance sheets, P&L, and regulatory audits  

  • Report all errors, regardless of the impact to your business 

What we do

  • We find errors in your favour and recover lost revenue  

  • Bottom-up audit approach with granular data interrogation 

  • We use decades of external industry knowledge with raw company data to provide actionable recommendation for your internal audit and compliance strategies 

Audit Services

Invoice & contract compliance audits

Our contract and invoice compliance audit solutions take control of your different data sources, supplier agreements and rate cards for complex contracts (contract labour, travel expenditure, freight & logistics, cleaning, etc) to uncover errors, duplicates and overpayments. We'll also recover any lost funds we find during the process.

We offer two main types of contract and invoice  compliance audits:


Audit the amount charged by the supplier against rate cards and complex contracts


Audit the work that is actually being conducted

Contract compliance audits | Profectus Group: Audit, Compliance and Rebate Deal Management

Retail audits

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Led by an industry-leading team with decades of analytical expertise, we specialise in supplier rebate audits and lost income recovery for retailers.


Retailers grapple with a staggering influx of intricate supplier income and rebate agreements. With our game-changing Rebate and Supplier Terms Audits, we not only unearth overlooked revenue but also streamline your operations to eliminate any future revenue losses.


Tracking and monitoring supplier-funded promotional deals is a daunting task. Our Promotional Scans and Trade Income Audits ensure no claims go unnoticed, protecting your revenue with precision.


Tracking and reconciling product-level pricing is a challenge when purchasing hundreds of thousands of products. Our Product Label Pricing Audits eliminate errors and financial gaps by automating rebate claims, ensuring accurate collaboration with suppliers in real time. Take control of your pricing and maximize your bottom line.

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