Supplier Rebates (Trading Terms) Audits

Human error in the procure to pay processes creates billions of dollars per annum of lost value and frustrates relationships. Profectus’ audits and technologies help solve this problem.

  1. Identify and Recover errors – on average 0.75% – 1.25% of rebate income is missed
  2. Guaranteed financial benefit with a high ROI and an at-risk fee model
  3. Low input from clients as Profectus does all the work from find to recovery
  4. Transactional level control that complements existing internal and external audits
  5. Profectus’ Audit technology enables live auditing and improves recoveries by up to 36% over traditional recovery auditing
  6. Profectus are experts and the leaders in Australia and NZ  and offer rebate management technology RDM to automate your rebates

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Let Profectus take control of your Supplier Income errors

Profectus’ Supplier Rebates (Trading Terms) audits accurately detect and recover errors using high tech forensic audit techniques and software, maximising returns to clients’ bottom line.

Our expert technology-led recovery audit services enable both historical audits and live auditing to prevent human errors. Our technologies provide the highest standard of data security – ISO 27001.

With 20 years of experience working for retail including; grocery, pharmaceutical, department stores, liquor, discount retailing, convenience / petrol, auto, agricultural, hardware, specialty retailing and major wholesalers.

You can trust our expert team to control your Supplier Income errors.

Using high-tech forensic audit techniques and software, Profectus audits include:

Supplier Rebate (Trading Terms) Audits

  • Volume rebates
  • Distribution supply chain allowances
  • Supplier contract terms and annual incentives
  • Settlement discount

Do you also have Supplier Deals or promotions?

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Profectus’ audit technologies deliver an ongoing live audit control and historical audits. With our unique software and highly skilled staff, we partner with you to conduct all analysis, verification and supplier liaison.

Powerful BI dashboards providing transactional benchmarking against peer organisations and root cause reporting.

Profectus rebate audit and management technology (RDM) automates the management of all rebates and deals.

Let Profectus take control of your Supplier Rebate Income errors

Get in touch with one of our Audit services experts to learn more about our service and receive a free consultation