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News | Profectus Group: Audit, Compliance and Rebate Deal Management

Keep your profits in check with Profectus

We’re your strategic partners in profit protection and recovery! With our expertise and innovative technologies, we turn complex financial challenges into streamlined successes. Discover how we can safeguard your bottom line and help you fund the initiatives that will move the needle for your organisation.

Seizing your competitive edge

Leading organisations are leveraging recovery audits to reclaim lost profits and optimise their financial performance. Here's why:

$114 Million Lost Income Found

We’ve identified over $114M in supplier overcharges, missed income, and overpayments. That’s more than 13% increase from the last FY.

$2.4 Billion in Spend Reviewed

Last year, we rolled up our sleeves and checked a whopping $2.4 billion in spend. Every dollar scrutinised; every cent accounted for.

23 Million Line Items Analysed

Our eagle-eyed analysts reviewed 23 million invoice line items in 2023. That’s a lot of potential savings!

Unverifiable Spend on the Rise

We noticed a spike in spend that couldn’t be tested against a contract or rate card – up to 14% from 11% in 2022. Time to tighten those compliance reins!

Freight and Logistics Insights

Freight and logistics – This supplier category is consistently the outlier in rogue spend across all industries.

Overcharges and Error Rates

Freight charges were nearly double the overcharges compared to our full portfolio. That’s a lot of cash slipping through the cracks!

Spotlight on Success: Officeworks Client Case Study

Officeworks was able to deliver the gold standard of compliance within their transport and logistics operations because we helped streamline their invoice management as well as ensure contract compliance and granular reporting capabilities. Through meticulous contract compliance audits, we recovered significant lost revenue and streamline their processes. Check out the full story here.

Want to know how you benchmark?

Whether you want to know how your suppliers and contracts stack up or how much you could be loosing in revenue due to overcharges and errors, we're here to help. Book a free, no-obligation discovery call today.


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