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Get your compliance in check for the new financial year

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Planning for the new financial year?

Now is the time to ensure hidden errors and overcharges won't eat into your 2024 budget and get in touch with the compliance experts (that's us) about spend optimisation and automation for your business.

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Too soon to commit? Here are some freebies

We're sure you've heard the saying that 'prevention is better than cure' and the same goes for addressing financial leakage. Our audit and compliance technologies highlight errors, overcharges and missed income before you pay your invoices – not after, ensuring you're not missing out on valuable income and reducing future risk. Find out more...


Find out why it's easier to identify the root cause of financial leakage than to recover lost income later. Read our FREE white paper, 'Missed Income: Ageing is only good for wine and cheese'.

Xelix Statement Reconciliation | Profectus Group Compliance Technologies

Xelix is our accounts payable compliance technology that sits alongside your existing finance systems, acting as an intelligence layer to automate processes, spot payment risks and deliver meaningful insights. 

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