Inaccuracy in supplier related transactions cost businesses and organisations millions of dollars each year.  In fact, our data shows that all organisations are overpaying at least 5 in every 1000 invoices paid.


We make it easy for customers to analyse their transacting risk, understand the risk drivers and to stop the problem occurring again.    

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Accounts Payable Audits | Profectus Group: Audit, Compliance and Rebate Deal Management

Accounts payable audits

Our service covers duplicate and overpayments Audits, GST audits and supplier statement audits.

Contract compliance audits

Contract compliance technology that live audits invoice details against contract terms to ensure absolute accuracy.

Contract compliance audits | Profectus Group: Audit, Compliance and Rebate Deal Management

Here's how we can help...


If you're an organisation that receives copious supplier statements each month, it's likely that you don't audit every statement due to the laborious nature of the task. Consequentially, supplier credit notes on statements can be easily missed or, if they have been received, simply get placed in the drawer, never to be actioned. Our risk-free Statement Audit capabilities intelligently identifies and recovers unprocessed supplier credits providing our customers greater visibility and control over their supplier credit processes.   


GST errors result in under-claimed Input Tax Credits. Typically, these errors go un-noticed unless an independent review of historical transactions is performed. 


Duplicate payments or overpayments are common when dealing with a significant volume of suppliers. Our risk-free Duplicate Payment & GST Audit capabilities intelligently recover overpayments to suppliers allowing you greater visibility and control over you Accounts Payable processes.