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Without automation in the procure-to-pay process to streamline workflows, companies leave themselves open to payment risks. These risks cost millions each year. Our solutions ensure greater transparency and compliance automation across the entire organisation.

Compliance Technologies | Profectus Group

Invoice & Contract Compliance

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Our invoice & contract compliance technology and services automate the compliance for complex contracts such as: 

  • freight & logistics 

  • facilities management (cleaning / waste) 

  • contract labour 

  • office supplies 

  • IT contracts 


Our technology allows you to automate your compliance process with confidence and compliments common ERP and procurement systems including Coupa, Ariba, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics.

Accounts Payable Compliance

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Our accounts payable compliance technology is an invoice intelligence platform, powered by Xelix, that sits alongside your existing finance systems, acting as an intelligence layer to automate processes, spot payment risks and deliver meaningful insights. It includes three modules;


The Protect module uses the latest in AI and pattern-based detection to identify hidden threats and errors in your transactional and master data, while minimising false positives.


Fully automates the process of reconciling supplier statements, enabling you to do more recs, more often and in much less time.


Insight enables you to make quicker, smarter decisions with an intelligent suite of analytics.

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Spend Terms Optimisation | Profectus Group

Spend Optimisation

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We provide detailed cost and contract comparisons across suppliers to assist clients to optimise their spend by highlighting cost drivers and opportunities to save money.

Our service offers greater visibility through: 

  • Detailed item-level data collection 

  • Data cleansing 

  • Data classification (UNSPSC and client classification) 

  • Maintenance of data classification 

  • Spend analysis 

  • Monitoring the effectiveness of spend optimisation initiatives 

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