Supermarket Retail

Contract Compliance Technology and Contract Compliance Audits

Our client is one of the largest retailers in Australia, with over 800 stores and 100,000 employees.


  1. Total contract management and KPI reporting
  2. Full line item rate and service checking
  3. Complete automation of accrual processes and supplier queries

The Challenge

The client was looking to improve their invoice-checking against contract terms process for non-merchandise suppliers. 

Client staff were checking invoices manually, which was ad hoc and led to overcharges and overpayments.

The Profectus Solution

In March 2011, the client licensed Profectus’ Contract Compliance technology to automate the checking of invoices against contract terms for key non-merchandise contracts.

  1. Automated accrual processes and management of supplier queries
  2. Automated invoice checking against contract terms for key non merchandise contracts
  3. Total contract management, improved checking and detailed reporting with Profectus‘ Contract Compliance technology

One of the largest grocery retailers in Australia, our client has over 800 stores and 100,000 employees.

Profectus has been working with this retailer for 20 years, providing audit and compliance services.