Walk for Education: Bikes for Vietnamese kids to get to school

Walk for Education: Bikes for Vietnamese kids to get to school

In November, staff and friends of Profectus undertook a 2 walk to raise money for bicycles for Vietnamese school children. The fundraiser walk took 2 hours, which is the time it takes for some Vietnamese children to walk to school.

The walk is an annual initiative for the Profectus team. The money raised helps Loreto Vietnam purchase bikes and helmets for children to make getting to school easier.

Earlier this month, Louisa Visentini travelled to Vietnam on behalf of our team to deliver the bikes from money raised from last year’s event. Louisa was fortunate enough to meet some of the families who received bikes, including a family with 3 children; a daughter aged 13 who had never been to school, a boy in grade 5 who walks 1 hour to school each day and a girl in grade 1 who also walks 1 hour each way to a different school and the parents who walk long distances to work. This bike meant the boy was able to drop his sister at school before riding himself to school as well as helping his parents with transportation.


How our team became involved

The team both participated and sponsored friends to join them in the 2-hour walk. The amount of sponsorship was completely up to team members, and the team rallied to raise as much as possible towards bike and helmet donations ($130 for each set).

All money was transferred directly to Loreto Vietnam via the Mary Ward International Australia (MWIA) organization.

LVAP is a registered International Non-Government Organisation (INGO) that started in 1997 and whose mission is simple:

To inspire and empower underprivileged and disabled children to be gifted with the right to education and qualitative learning.

It’s not just about helping a small number of children in isolation; it’s about lifting the standard of living for the immediate family as well as the wider community in general.