Supplier Income (Merchandise) Audits

Profectus are market leaders in detecting and recovering under collected supplier income or overcharges  on Goods for Resale purchased by your business. 

We are the quality standard for Auditing technology and an “end to end’ analytical solutions provider.

Profectus will ingest and transform dozens of disparate datasets and contractual documents and agreement forms from across your business to provide a complete and true picture of the intent for your financial transactions.

The recovered monies by Profectus typically go straight to your bottom line.

Profectus performs the recovery work directly with the vendors – so your teams can stay focused on their day to day tasks.

Key Questions to ask your business

  • How many of your vendors have settlement discount or annual rebates? Are any of these rebates/discounts audited for accuracy?
  • Are your rebate/discount calculations performed manually in spreadsheets? Can you trust that all rebates/discounts were calculated 100% correctly, 100% of the time?
  • Do any of your vendors calculate their own rebates/discounts? Can you trust your vendors are always correct?
  • Does your business offer any sort of vendor funded promotions or advertising? Do these agreements occur within emails or within contracts?  Do you have anyone reviewing these agreements to ensure accuracy?