Spend & Terms Optimisation Services

Profectus’ RDM and CC technologies allow detailed cost and contract comparisons across suppliers to assist clients achieve spend and terms optimisation.

Greater visibility across service types highlights cost drivers and opportunities to save money.

When setting up the Contract Compliance technology, Profectus offers additional data categorization services for each invoice:

  1. Detailed item level data collection
  2. Data cleansing
  3. Data classification (UNSPSC and client classification)
  4. Maintenance of data classification
  5. Spend analysis
  6. Monitoring effectiveness of spend optimisation initiatives

Specialized Optimization services for retailers.

Profectus provides terms optimisation services for retailers to assist clients achieve a positive net bottom line and maximum returns.

Profectus retail experts evaluate and identify key areas of terms optimisation and spend opportunities across your suppliers.

Inspect Product Performance

Drill down to item level and action out of contract spend opportunities

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