Supplier Rebate &
Deal Management Technology

Our collaborative software provides cloud-based clarity for companies, suppliers and customers, improving workflow and transparency.

Our software and highly-skilled staff guarantee you accurate rebate and deal calculation, journal creation and claiming, as well as creating insights and opportunities to generate increased revenue.

We help you manage supplier rebates utilizing our big data capability and comprehensive rules to automate all deal types, driving value for suppliers who are retailers and wholesalers.

Benefits of the Profectus system

Our software and services offer you:

  • Secure Online Contract Management technology for all rebates and deals
  • Supporting documents, notes, xls, emails, notes
  • Notifications of expiring agreements
  • Approval workflow
  • Automated rebate and deal calculation
  • Processing of payments into ERP
  • Automatic issue of tax invoices

How does our technology achieve all this?

Simply and smartly!

Data is transferred daily. A single sign on process is available, and we customize your ERP journals for seamless interface.

The system quickly and transparently manages all rebate and deal agreements, and stores all supporting documentation. It also stores:

  • Supplier data
  • Product and product hierarchy data
  • Location information
  • Purchased merchandise receipts
  • Sales/POS data
  • Order data

Business Rules and Claims Management made easy

Profectus technology makes it easy to:

  • Use a flexible claim workflow with minimal resource and admin
  • Include suppliers in the claims approval process
  • Edit, revert, overwrite, or void claims


For claim reporting Profectus’ technology offers you:

  • Automated claim calculations and processing
  • Automatic sending of tax documents to suppliers
  • Claim journals interface into Enterprise Resource Planning and other systems
  • Accrual journals interface into Enterprise Resource Planning (optional)
  • Flexible claim workflow
  • Option to include suppliers in claim approval process
  • Ability to edit, revert, overwrite or void claims