Rebate & Deal Management Audits

The rebate arrangements you make and the deals you do are only as valuable as the software and systems that track and drive them. Many clients rely on Microsoft XLS to track and claim rebates.

At Profectus we help you to create a highly-efficient and cost-effective Central Agreement Repository for rebates and deals. Our audit technology then audits transaction data and claims to identify missed rebates.

This service is designed for retailers, wholesalers and large organizations and delivers best practice rebate and deal management, delivering you better financial returns. 

We help you to identify:

  • Missed rebates
  • Missed or short allowances¬†
  • Missed deals and short term incentives

We can isolate under-claimed rebates, deals and allowances, and under- calculated promotion funding.

This adds valuable revenue to your bottom line.

Alternatively, you can use the revenue identified to create a competitive advantage in the market.