Contract Compliance Statistics

Reduce your Contract Compliance risks for indirect and complex contracts and automate your compliance contract processes with our proven and highly accurate technology. With the ability to enhance procure to pay processes and deliver absolute accuracy, our technology mitigates the various risks that are common with Contract Compliance.

Our Contract Compliance technology cost checks 4,000 fields per second, accurately, all the time.

There are numerous benefits to our Contract Compliance technology & managed service, which include invoice compliance automation and data for spend optimization. 

Other optional benefits include invoice processing automation and central contract repository.

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CC technologies can help your business.

Did you know that with our Invoice Compliance Automation Technology, we conduct real time auditing of invoices against contract terms.

This is conducted through:

  • Compliance reports against contracts 
  • Purchase price variance reports
  • Monitoring spend on usage statistics
  • Access to line item data via Profectus technologies and dashboards

Invoice processing is an included benefit of using our Contract Compliance technology and service.

Central Contract Repository delivers secure on-line contract management for all types of business contracts.

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