Merchandise / Terms Audits / Optimisation

Every merchandise, sales, AP transaction and trading term agreement is audited for accuracy.

The Merchandise Audits provide a detailed review of your rebate and deal agreements against claims and transaction data to identify under-claimed rebate and deal income.

The Merchandise Audits will also highlight opportunities to improve your terms.

Merchandise & Terms Audits ROI:

  • Financial inflows
  • Process and system recommendations
  • Opportunities to improve trading terms
  • Extension of Internal audit reach
  • Access to RDM during the audits

The audits provide an understanding of system and process effectiveness and the accuracy of your claim history.

The merchandise audit team offer unique retail expertise together with the RDM technology to deliver superior merchandise audit results.

Clients can use RDM during the audits.

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Terms Optimisation services

Profectus' terms optimisation services assist our retail clients to drive positive net bottom line returns through the implementation of best practice initiatives as well as the renegotiation of favourable trading terms with vendors.

Profectus combines years of analytical expertise and merchandising experience to undertake a holistic review of our client’s current terms of trade documents and transactional data to provide comprehensive insights into their current trading and merchandise environment.

The review evaluates and identifies key areas of optimisation opportunities across our client’s vendors.

Profectus also offers: 

  • Experts to assist with Vendor Negotiations
  • On-going Terms Monitoring via Profectus' reporting technology
  • Trading Terms and Process Improvements reviews

Merchandise / Terms Audits

Category of Audit
Audit Types
Under Claimed Rebates audit
  • volume rebate
  • distribution and supply chain
  • promotional
  • settlement discount
Under Claimed Allowances Audit & Incorrect Pricing
  • new product display allowances
  • disposal allowance
  • new store allowance
  • stock returns and defective stock allowance
  • catalogue funding
  • scan claims
  • pricing audit - incorrect PO/system cost
  • incorrect invoice cost
Merchandise & Terms Audit Examples