Contract Compliance Audits

Contract Compliance audits identify all rate errors and service type errors within invoices.

Contract Compliance Audits enable clients to have full compliance framework to check invoices at line item level against agreed contract terms to identify overcharges or overpayments prior or post payment.

Clients typically use the compliance audit for indirect or Goods Not for Resale (GNFR) vendors.

Contract Compliance Audit ROI:

  • automate cost & service checking invoices against contract
  • prevent overcharges and overpayments
  • recover past overcharges
  • terms optimisation opportunities identified

Contract Compliance Audits provide an understanding of system and process effectiveness and the accuracy of your invoice approval and processing.

Contract Compliance audits highlight opportunities exists to reduce spend and improve contract terms.

Clients can use CC system during the audits.

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Contract Compliance Audits

Category of Audit
Audit Examples for Each Line Item
Cost Checking
  • Correct rate
  • GST/VAT (incorrect GST/VAR at line level)
  • Duplicate charges (across invoices)
  • Duplicate charges (line items)
  • Total of Line Items Values (ex GST/VAR)
Service Checking
  • Over service (based on contract)
  • Incorrect Site or Business Unit (based on contract)
  • Quantity / Size greater than contracted limit
Key Performance Indicators
  • Spend out of contract
  • On time delivery performace
Contract Compliance Audits