Rebate and Deal Management Technology

Before implementing Profectus, clients and suppliers struggled with agreements and calculations set up for promotions.


  1. Optimized reporting
  2. Greater clarity to facilitate decision making
  3. Standardized supplier terms created increased efficiency and removed complexity

The Challenge

Existing client and supplier agreements were complex, manual and time-consuming to maintain. There was an over-reliance on manual Excel spreadsheets (with inaccurate calculations). The client was unable to manage 100% of claims and rebates, which was affecting profits.

The Profectus Solution

Profectus implemented Business Rules Engine, which vastly improved their customer and supplier access and collaboration, improving profits.

Two new automated calculators introduced improved short and long-term incentive output. RDM gives suppliers access to the necessary data – to ensure that the review and approval of agreements is now more efficient and effective.