Contract Compliance Technology and Contract Compliance Audits

Prior to approaching Profectus, the existing Microsoft database would crash frequently and be unreliable, resulting in delays in calculations and productivity.


  1. Adherence to Legal & Compliance requirements
  2. Improved transparency and system reliability
  3. More robust and cohesive systems across the business

The Challenge

  1. Delayed accrual calculation
  2. Overly manual processes
  3. Ineffective retention of key information

A combination of unreliable Microsoft databases and manual processing of claims and rebates meant the client experienced consistent delays in end of month accrual calculations. It was also difficult to securely store data at the appropriate levels.

The Profectus Solution

By automating the business’ RDM processes Profectus enabled the client to easily track and maintain a comprehensive claims workflow, with:

  1. Agreement automation of rebate management process
  2. Comprehensive payment/claims approval workflow 

The client now enjoys a comprehensive claims workflow, enabling staff to automate and manage claim review and processing into ERP, which is efficient and easy to operate.