Rebate & Deal Management
in the Agribusiness Sector

Rebate and Deal Management Technology


Ruralco is a leading Australian agribusiness with more than 40 specialist businesses operating across 500 outlets throughout regional Australia. Ruralco is an ASX listed company, which provides real estate, insurance, auctioneer services and agricultural equipment, among a range of other services. Their annual revenue exceeds $1.8 billion and its rebate management requirements are complex both from suppliers’ and members’ perspectives.

Ruralco implemented Profectus’ RDM (Rebate Deal Management technology) in 2017 to automate all rebate management replacing SAP. The key reason RDM replaced SAP to manage rebates was due to the very large number of agreements Ruralco had to manage with SAP. Profectus’ RDM technology increased efficiency and minimised pain points.

Client Challenge

Prior to engaging Profectus, Ruralco had set up both supplier and member rebates in SAP.

Labor Intensive and Time Consuming

Ruralco had to manage over 120,000 agreements in SAP – when a supplier agreement changed, all member agreements (over 500) had to also be updated..

Manual Processes

Rules such as tiered sales incentives were not automated and manually calculated and processed.


Reduced the number of agreement administrations by 116,00


Profectus’ RDM automated the entire rebate management process previously setup in SAP for Ruralco.

Agreement Automation

RDM automated all supplier and member agreement rule types including the tiered sales incentives.

Spend Optimisation

Better decisions are made with more data available and deeper levels of visibility via a data feed into BI dashboards

Payments Automation

RDM also automated all member monthly payments reducing significant time and effort.

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