Rebate and Deal Management Technology

Before contacting Profectus, our client had laborious and inefficient systems in place to manage all agreements and claims sent for review and approval.


  1. Agreement Automation
  2. Calculation errors removed
  3. A robust, cohesive and more collaborative system

The Challenge

The client faced 3 key challenges within their business:

  1. Retention and control of information
  2. Accurate calculations
  3. Data transparency

The existing agreements and claims system was inefficient and time-consuming, putting pressure on customer/supplier relationships. The BI reporting tool was inaccurate and required manual adjustments.

The client needed greater control and transparency in their business to streamline their contracts, and remove ambiguity.

The Profectus Solution

The following solutions were introduced:

  1. Agreement Automation
  2. Enable better client and supplier collaboration

RDM technology automated all supplier and customer agreements, including ‘out-of-contract’ agreements. The result was all agreements met business rules, there was greater consistency and clarity and valuable time was saved.

The RDM technology also automated all claim and rebate calculations within the system, eliminating manual processes and allowing suppliers and clients to collaborate in real time.

After Profectus’ RDM technology was introduced, the time spent on negotiating agreements was reduced and better informed decisions were made