Detect errors and improve recoveries by up to 36%.

Our expert and technology-led recovery service improves recoveries by up to 36% over traditional recovery auditors, identifying between 3.5 and 4.5 errors in every 10,000 transactions.

Using high-tech forensic audit techniques and software, we identify:

  • Duplicated payments 
  • Over-payments
  • Under-claimed income 
  • GST/VAT/Tax errors
  • Supplier statement audits
  • Contract Compliance errors
  • Rebate audits
  • Deal and short-term incentive audits

“We have systems to partner with our clients effectively, ensuring seamless process and communication”

An expert-led recovery service.

Profectus’ audit technology accurately captures errors; pre-payment or historically, and complies with ISO 27001 data security standards.

We have the systems to partner with our clients, ensuring seamless process and communication; alleviating human error.

Profectus’ services include:

  • Accounts Payable Audits
  • Supplier Income (Merchandise) Audits 
  • Contract Compliance
  • Terms optimisation
  • Identifying pricing errors