Profectus is driven by our core values that are fiercely lived by our entire team.

We have been in business for over 20 years, and our aspiration is to help businesses around the world achieve accuracy, fairness and harmony in their valued supplier relationships.

Profectus’ success is underpinned by our focus on our clients’ success and our team members. The owners of the business work closely with our team and our clients every day. Profectus attracts and develops great people who are passionate about our clients’ success.

Profectus Employee Value Proposition (EVP) focuses on attracting and developing highly talented team members. 

Our EVP focuses on 4 key pillars:

  1. Ensuring engaging work
  2. A fun, authentic, inclusive team
  3. Opportunities to grow & develop
  4. A strong, exciting business vision

More than 160 talented and passionate people make up Profectus Group with offices based in Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam.

Meet our Executive Team

Chris Hutchins


Chris has over two decades of experience in operational, strategic, commercial and business management roles across several sectors and international markets. Chris holds an Honours Degree in Engineering and has also studied with Harvard Business School and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Prior to becoming the CEO, Chris was the Chief of Operations for Profectus Group. 

Robert Visentini


Robert is a highly skilled international entrepreneur and Founder of Profectus Group. He has guided and built the steady growth of Profectus’s technology and services. 

Matthew Lally


Matt brings over 25 years of experience in strategic, business development, finance, policy and business management gained in financial services sector and at Profectus. Matt holds an MBA from Melbourne Business School and a Bachelor of Business. Since joining Profectus soon after it launched, Matt has worked closely with Rob and Radek to drive Profectus’ success and gained 18 years of Source to Pay expertise.

Radek Gorski

Director of Retail Technology

Radek has over 20 years of experience in the Retail sector, specializing in trade income process automation and system integration. He is responsible for the seamless deployment of Profectus retail technology across various locations and industries.

Mark Webster


Mark is a thought leader and technology leader strongly focused on rapidly and frequently delivering business value and converging on solutions that delight customers, driven by a desire to enable and empower teams to continually improve agility and deliver excellence.