About us

Profectus exists to enable major organizations to maximize value from their complex business-to-business transactions.

We deliver absolute transactional accuracy through world-leading technology. All the time.

If your existing systems are struggling to provide you with a clear and absolutely accurate picture of your data, and it is not perfectly up to date, then contact us. Regardless of the size of your administration tasks we can make them easier, process your information faster and more accurately, and easily recover lost money. 

Better for you, better for your suppliers, and ultimately better for your customers.

How can we achieve these breakthrough results?

More than 65% of our staff offer you post-graduate degree level knowledge or higher, and are experts in forensic accounting, automated analytics and technology development. 

And we put over 20% of our revenues back into research. Every time we find a new kind of error we update our algorithms to ensure the learnings are captured for all of our clients.

You do not pay for this level of evolving sophistication: it’s a given when you work with Profectus.