Progress & Success

'Profectus' is Latin for 'progress and success' and that is exactly what our services deliver our clients

Profectus technologies help automate the compliance of payments for ASX100 companies and selected European leading brands.

Profectus Group's niche technologies are designed to create transaction certainty and help businesses make better decisions.

Profectus Group is recognised as a market leader. Since launching in Australia in 2001, Profectus expanded its team to offices based in United States of America, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Vietnam.

Profectus promises its clients benefits that include:

  • Thorough big data analysis;
  • Best of breed technology that provides automation of once laborious manual processes;
  • Best practices in procure to pay and compliance processes;
  • Improved efficiencies and financial returns;
  • Compliant and improved relationships with vendors; and
  • Better visibility, transparency and clarity around the management and maintenance of transactions.

Profectus Group's purpose built technology solutions combined with expert data analysts ensures complex procure to pay and compliance processes are accurate, automated and visible.

Solid and proven processes drive our service and results.

Profectus has partnered with big businesses for more than a decade across every industry. Clients value the visibility, clarity and financial returns Profectus provides - which in turn empowers business leaders to make good leadership decisions for the future.